Material Processing

Materials processing is simply defined as  “unit operations” used in the manufacturing  of raw-materials 
 and completing them into finished goods.  The operations is performed in  industries and the industrial processes with the use of various mechanical or chemical procedures,with a view to  produce  products in large quantities or batches. It is the process that  changes  a crude material state into completed parts or items with the help of some mechanical or chemical equipment. It includes  nano mechanics along with multi-physical science, Synthesis, material portrayal,  Nano-material preparing .Various other processes like material handling and properties, Material stream and ignition are also focussed.
Materials processing nowadays has become materials cycle. There are many ways to process materials. . Some of them are:
Powder Processing (metals and ceramics in powder form)
Bulk Deformation Processing (metals in bulk or sheet form)
Casting (liquid metals and semisolids polymers)