Hydrodynamics is a division of mechanical engineering which deals with a force acting on the fluids. It is also a branch of physics, related with motion and action of water and other liquids dynamics of liquids. It is simply related to the mechanical properties of fluids. It is the subdivision of fluid dynamics that deals with liquids, including hydrostatics and hydrokinetics. It is the study of the motion of fluids, including non-compressible liquids exposed to internal and external forces. Hydrodynamics is the study of materials where the materials are compressed and they undergo pressurized conditions causing them to behave more like liquids. The word hydrodynamics means  "water motion" which means the science of forces acting on or exerted by fluids.
The study involves the movement in fluids hence called Hydrodynamics. Moving fluids can be water in a drinking fountain,  or air over an aeroplane’s wing, crude oil in a pipeline etc
This topic describes the basic principles of physics,  several levels of mathematics and statistical mechanics. Calculus and linear algebra (matrix and tensor mathematics) along with differential equations are the key topics in maths.
Advanced fluid dynamics studies non-linear flow. These are more areas that are complex. Higher order differential equations, topologies, Chaos theory and complex algebras are the backbone of hydrodynamics.

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