Heat transfer

Heat transfer is the process of transfer of heat from high-temperature medium to low-temperature medium. According to thermodynamics, heat transfer is the motion of heat throughout the boundary of the system because of the temperature gradient between the system and its surroundings. The heat transfer can also take place within the system because of the fact that sometimes there is a  temperature difference at various points inside the system.
Modes of Heat Transfer:
There are three modes of heat transfer between the two bodies: 
Convection and
These have been described below:
                      The transfer of heat between two solid bodies is referred to as conduction. It depends on the temp difference of the two hot and cold bodies. Example of conduction heat transfer is when two bodies at a different temperature kept in contact with each other so due to the tem[p difference the cold body start getting heat from the hotter body.
                      Convection is defined as the transfer of heat between the solid surface and a liquid. Let us consider an example. when a pot of water is boiled the heat from the solid body is transferred to the water.
                    When two bodies are at distances from each other and there is a temp difference, in this case, the heat transfer from one body to another is called as radiation heat transfer. In the case of the radiation heat transfer, there are no media which is different from conduction and convection. Heat from the sun is the best example for radiation.

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