Engines and Environment

Any device that has the capacity to convert heat energy generally from fuel into mechanical energy is known as engine or heat engine. Engines are widely used in automobile industries. The engine is also called the heart of an automobile.  The engine is classified into two types:
1. External combustion (E.C.) Engine
it is a type of engine in which combustion of fuel takes place outside the cylinder. In this type of engine when heat is generated by the burning of fuel is used to convert the water or other fluid into steam. Sometimes this high-pressure steam used to rotate a turbine and generated energy. 
2. Internal Combustion (I.C.) Engine
It is a type of engine in which combustion of fuel takes place inside the engine. When the fuel is burnt inside the engine cylinder, it generates a high temperature and pressure inside the engine hence driving it to produce power which is used to rotate the wheels of the vehicle. 

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