7th European Congress & Business Expo on

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Theme: To inculcate learning, knowledge, wisdom and intelligence by providing conducive environment

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London | United Kingdom

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Performers / Professionals From Around The Globe

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Fred Barez

San Jose State University

Conference Speaker

Jiawei Zhang

Beijing Institute of Technology

Conference Speaker

Antonio O Dourado

Federal University of Santa Catarina

Conference Speaker

Brendan J O Toole

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Conference Speaker

Isaac Elishakoff

Florida Atlantic University

Conference Speaker

Jintao Yin

Beijing Institute of Technology

Conference Speaker

Khaled Asfar

Jordan University of Science and Technology

Conference Speaker

Mark N Callender

Middle Tennessee State University

Conference Speaker

Ramesh K Agarwal

Washington University

Conference Speaker

Songgang Qiu

West Virginia University

Conference Speaker

Timothy Sands

Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University

Conference Speaker

James F Woodward

California State University

Tracks & Key Topics

Mech Aero 2019

Mech Aero 2019 Information

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Mech Aero 2019 is an international podium for presenting research about mechanical and aerospace engineering and exchanging thoughts about it and thus, contributes to the propagation of information in both the academia and business.

Mech Aero 2019 unites applications from various scientific disciplines, pushing the frontiers of Mechanical, Aerospace, Aerodynamics and Aeronautics. Mechanical Conference represents the huge area where the focus lies on developing product-related technologies with rapid advancement in research in recent years. It is true that fundamental work on materials has turned up with unexpected momentous discoveries, but more frequently, Mechanical Engineering Conferences, importance and significance can be gauged by the fact that it has made huge advancements over the course of time and is continuing to influence various sectors.

Aerospace conference is an emerging and challenging field in today's world. The mission of the aerospace expo is to educate the nation's future leaders in the science and art of mechanical and aerospace engineering. Further, seeks to expand the frontiers of engineering science and to persuade technological innovation while nurturing both academic and Industry excellence.

Why to attend?

Mech Aero 2019 offers a fantastic opportunity to meet and make new contacts in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, by providing collaboration spaces and break-out rooms with tea and lunch for delegates between sessions with invaluable networking time for you. It allows delegates to have issues addressed on related topics by recognized global experts who are up to date with the latest developments in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace engineering and provide information on new techniques and technologies. This International Engineering conference will feature world renowned keynote speakers, plenary speeches, young research forum, poster presentations, technical workshops and career guidance sessions.

The joy of attending Mech Aero 2019 brings with it improvement and incremental growth in your approach to do things, in the broader manner to see things and the beauty to live international diversity.

Come be Part of it...!

Market Analysis

The key data show that Mechanical Engineering is one of the major branches of industry in the EU-27 with a share of around 9.1% of all manufacturing industries, as measured by production. The U.S. aerospace industry contributed $118.5 billion in export sales to the U.S. economy. The global commercial aerospace seating in automation market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% over 2015-2020.

In 2012, the U.S. aerospace industry contributed $118.5 billion in export sales to the U.S. economy.  The industry’s positive trade balance of $70.5 billion is the largest trade surplus of any manufacturing industry and came from exporting 64.3 percent of all aerospace production. Industry estimates indicate that the annual increase in the number of large commercial airplanes during the next 20 years will be 3.5 percent per year for a total of 34,000 valued at $4.5 trillion (list prices).

U.S. machinery industries had total domestic and foreign sales of $413.7 billion in 2011. The United States is the world’s largest market for machinery, as well as the third largest supplier.  American manufacturers held a 58.5 percent share of the U.S. domestic market. More than 1.3 million Americans were employed directly in manufacturing machinery and equipment in August 2013.  These jobs are almost entirely in high-skill, well-compensated professions and trades.   Machinery manufacturing also supports the jobs of hundreds of thousands of Americans in a variety of other manufacturing and service industries.

With members from around the globe focused on wisdom about mechanical and aerospace, this is the most outstanding opportunity to reach the largest collection of participants from mechanical and aerospace community. They can organize workshop, exhibit, and platform for networking and enhance their brand at the conference.

The Aerospace and Fluid Dynamics industries are fastest growing industries in European union, with the rising concerns of advance defence infrastructure, and steep growth of passenger traffic, air and water naturally becomes the hotspot to address these issues. It is expected that air traffic will grow at the rate of 4.8% annually, The Aerospace sector of European Union hence required to be ready to meet the rising demand which includes modernisation and fleet enlargement, innovation to decrease the environmental impact, and meets demand of new reckless markets. The European Aeronautic Industry is a multitasked industry deals with development and manufacturing of wide range of products, such as aero engines, unmanned aerial vehicles, military and civil aircraft.

Aerospace Industry needs efforts in R&D to maintain global competitiveness; hence foreign investors have exciting investment opportunities in aerospace sector specifically in R&D sector. The total turnover of EU aerospace sector is €128 billion with the highest spending in R&D, around 12% of turnover is invested towards R&D in aerospace industry. It is anticipated that there will be a demand for nearly 26,000 jet airlines and cargo aircrafts to meet the growing air traffic worldwide, hence the growth of the industry can be estimated easily. The EU has launched a Clean Sky initiative in 2008. It is public-private partnership worth € 1.6 billion which will help the industry to develop environmental friendly aircraft. To encourage FDI in Aerospace, the EU commission has asked member states to remove barriers for foreign investments in Aerospace sector so France government has followed the EU initiatives and encouraged FDI in aerospace sector; likewise UK doesn’t discriminate between domestic and foreign investors. This results in benefits through low tax rates to investors in this sector. The importance of air transportation is expected to grow at rapid pace with simultaneous increase in air cargo business. 

Industrial scope

The European community is extensively involved in funding research and development for Fluid & Aerodynamics Industries, today Europe fund a modest effort for these industries, underlining the socio-economic importance of the Civil Aircraft market to Europe. The importance of Aerodynamics in supporting the Aerospace market is recognised across Europe and is reflected in the level of investment going into the area at the corporate, national and European level. Mechanical engineering is most evergreen branch amongst all branches of engineering. It deals with the concepts of fluid mechanics, aerospace, thermodynamics, mechanics,  robotics, structural mechanics,  power sector, kinematics, refrigeration and air conditioning sector. They can find employment in both government as well as private sector. Mechanical engineers are required to design, test, manufacture, install, operate and maintain a wide array of machines and mechanical systems that are used in industries. There is a great scope of job avenues for mechanical engineers in India. Few of them are listed below:
Mechanical engineering is most evergreen branch amongst all branches of engineering. It deals with the concepts of fluid mechanics , aerospace,thermodynamics, mechanics,  robotics, structural mechanics,  power sector, kinematics, refrigeration and air conditioning sector. They can find employment in both government as well as private sector. Mechanical engineers  design,manufacture,  install,test,  operate and maintain a wide variety of  mechanical systems. Some of them are:
Chemical industry: In chemical industry, it covers the oil companies along with the chemical industries and the business associated to it.
Rail industry: In rail industry designing , maintaining and recycling of the element are required which are associated to the field of railway.
Automotive industry- In automotive industry increasing the efficiency of present technology now a days is the key to the future.
Defence industry- in defence industry, equipments design and technological advanced is achieved via reseach and  services are provided  to the armed forces.
Electronics industry- In this field of industry,the role of mechanical engineers is to design and manufacture components and complete equipments for sectors from automotive and the military.
Construction industry- In this field of industry the role of mechanical engineer is to design and build the infrastructure and buildings and its services like heating and ventilation.
Marine industry- In this field of industry, the role of mechanical engineer is to develop the vessels and help to operate them.
Material and metal industry- In this field of industry, mechanical engineer performs the activities which include developing new material and manufacturing components or end products.
Utilites industry- In this field of industry, they help to supply the power, water, waste material and telecom.
Aerospace Industry- In aerospace industry mechanical engineers are used to do resarch, design, manufacture, operate and maintain the aircrafts.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace sector deals with the human effort in science and engineering around our atmosphere of Earth(also called as aeronautics) and of the surrounding space(also called as astronautics).Aerospace organizations performs various functions such as designing, manufacturing, operating, and  maintaining  aircraft and researches for all possible contingencies. Aerospace activity is a very diverse field and has commercialization and connection with industrial and military applications.Aerospace engineering has mainly  two  branches:
Astronautical Engineering .
Aerospace Engineering is evolving and few new  technologies are on the coarse  that involve carbon capture and storage, investment in renewable sources of energy, alternative fuels are seen as vital R&D needs of the World.
Track 2: Vibration

The most basic definition of vibration is "Periodic To-and-fro motion about its mean postion is called vibration".It is a mechanical phenomenon where oscillations occur about an equilibrium point.The word vibration comes from Latin word vibrationem which means ("shaking "). The oscillations may be periodic, such as the motion can be seen on pendulum.
This topic provides key concepts of uncertainty modeling,vibrational analysis, and vibration control. Vibration focuses on basics of mathematical modeling, computational results and assessment in performance of system components.Vibrating systems such as beams, strings, plates and membranes, vibration isolation, critical speeds, the balancing of rotating and reciprocating machinery are some of the major concepts of vibration. Basic principles of control theory will be presented from feedback control systems.
Refrigeration and cooling is a process of eliminating heat from a low-temperature medium and transferring it to a high-temperature medium.The transfer of heat is done by the help of mechanical equipments, and is also be driven by various other means such as heat,magnetism & by electric means.This process cools a closed space by removing heat from it following the  definition of cold "absence of heat". 
A compressor is a tool for a refrigeration system that pumps refrigerant and increases the pressure of the refrigerant vapor.
Refrigeration process uses a refrigerant with boiling and condensation to cool a surface or volume.

Fluid Mechanics deals with the mechanical properties of gasses and fluids. Mechanics are often divided into liquid statics,(the investigation of liquids terribly still) or liquid motion,(the investigation of the impact of powers on sleek movement) which explains strain in liquid mechanics,connects in liquid mechanics,thermo liquid mechanics,machine liquid progress and fluid parts of gasses and fluids. Mechanics is divided into liquid statics or liquid motion.
Fluid dynamics helps us to know the varied aspects of nature like ocean currents, weather pattern and even blood circulation.
Fluids don't seem to be like to flow in continuous media within the manner.Bernoulli and Euler along with others have assumed, for that  they're composed of discrete molecules.The molecules, however, are too little.Except in gases at terribly low pressures, the quantity of molecules per milliliter is thus huge that they have not be viewed as individual entities.There are many liquids which are as called liquid crystals, within which the molecules are packed along in such some way on build the properties of the medium regionally anisotropic, however the overwhelming majority of fluids (including air and water) are isotropic.In mechanics, the state of associate isotropic fluid can also be identified by shaping its temperature , mean mass per unit volume, density, its and its speed,and therefore the positions and velocities of individual molecules has no direct connection.

Electronic systems related to flight is illustrated by the term ‘avionics’. Avionics covers the inner sensors and management systems inside the craft by the se various  mobile communication and navigation systems to ‘stealth’ aircraft style and control systems.The activities here are connected to interests of the framing, engine, systems and instrumentation makers throughout style, take a look at and manufacture, also because thein-service aspects of operation and maintenance. The merging of the words aviation and physical science, astronautics are all of the electronic devices and systems that perform personal functions, used on any craft.
Modern astronautics could be a substantial portion of military craft disbursal, accounting for any place between 20-60% of the full price of a personal craft. As technology continues to boost, thus will the burden of astronautics upon the civilian craft business also.
The astronautics in most craft are going to be upgraded many times throughout the lifetime of the framing. This makes astronautics one in every of the foremost vital sectors within the region business and it's a serious leader within the Great Britain.

Applied Mechanics covers a wide range of topics and academic disciplines which includes experimental learning and analysis,  and numerical modelling. Applied mechanics portrays the conduct of a body, in either a starting condition of rest or of movement, subjected to the activity of powers. Applied mechanics  removes all the barriers between physical hypothesis and its application to innovation. It is utilized in numerous fields of designing, particularly mechanical building and structural designing. In this specific situation, it is regularly alluded to as Engineering Mechanics.
In practical, applied mechanics is useful in formulating new ideas,interpreting phenomena,theories,experimental and computational tools.Mechanics is also related to thermodynamics" the study of heat" and electromechanics "the study of electricity and magnetism".

Applied Mechanics Conference|Thermodynamics Conference|Engineering Mechanics Conference|Electromechnics Conference|Physical science Conference|Motion Conference|

Track 7: Turbomachinery

Any machine that extracts and imparts energy to a continuously moving stream of fluid can be called a turbomachine. The Examples of turbomachines are ship propeller ,windmills, waterwheels , hydraulic and gas turbines, pump and compressor. In general there are two kinds of turbomachines.
These are open and closed turbomachines.
Some open turbomachine are propellers, windmills, an unshrouded fans which generally act on an infinite extent of fluid.
Closed machines operates on a limited amount of fluid  as it has to pass through a housing or casing or any closed environment.
Types of turbomachines:
Power producing and power absorbing machines
Axial and radial flow turbomachines
Single stage and multistage turbomachines
Thermal and hydro turbomachine

The UAV is an acronym for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which is a flying machine with no pilot on load up. UAVs can be remote controlled flying machine (e.g. flown by a pilot at a ground control station) or can fly self-rulingly in view of pre-modified flight designs or more perplexing unique robotization frameworks. UAVs are as of now utilized for various missions, including observation and assault parts. For the motivations behind this article, and to recognize UAVs from rockets, a UAV is characterized as being fit for controlled, managed level flight and fueled by a stream or responding motor. Additionally a journey rocket can be thought to be a UAV, however is dealt with independently on the premise that the vehicle is the weapon. The acronym UAV has been extended now and again to UAVS (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System). The FAA has embraced the acronym UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) to mirror the way that these mind boggling frameworks incorporate ground stations and different components other than the genuine air borne vehicles.
Track 9: Heat Transfer

Heat transfer is the process of transfer of heat from high temperature medium to low temperature medium . According to  thermodynamics, heat transfer is the motion of heat throughout the boundary of the system because of the temperature gradient between the system and its surroundings. The heat transfer can also take place within the system because of the fact that sometimes there is a  temperature difference at various points inside the system.
Modes of Heat Transfer:
There are three modes of heat transfer between the two bodies: 
These have been described below:
                      The transfer of heat between two solid bodies is referred as conduction.It depends on the temp difference of the two hot and cold bodies. Example of conduction heat transfer is when two bodies at different temperature kept in contact with each other so due to the temp difference the cold body start getting heat from the hotter body.
                      Convection is defined as the transfer of heat between the solid surface and a liquid . Let us consider a n example. when a pot of water is boiled the heat from the solid body is transferred to water .
                    When two bodies are at distant from each other and there is a temp difference, in this case the heat transfer fro one body to anther is called as radiation heat transfer. In case of the radiation heat transfer there is no media which is different from conduction and convection. Heat from sun is the best example for radiation.
Track 10: CFD Methodology

Computational fluid dynamics is a subject that has multiple practical applications in everyday life. Quoting the basic requirement of the fast speed  and accurately  orientated results, the computational fluid dynamics has a huge role to play. CFD generally uses numerical analysis and algorithm to analyse the problems of fluid flow and provides accurate results using computers .Various researches has been carried out to develop software’s which can yield accurate results of complex problems of turbulent flow .the fundamentals of CFD comes from naviers stokes theorem. Methods were  developed to solve the linearized potential equations . With the  rise in the market of computers and growing computational power , the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics became an important tool for finding accurate solutions for fluid flows . In a CFD analysis, physical properties like velocity,  temperature, density, pressure,and viscosity  of fluid flow is examination. Computer power available paced development of three dimensional method.
|Fluid Conference|CFD Conference|Fluid Mechanics Conference|Biomedical Conference|Simulation Conference|PDF Conference|

Track 11: Engines And Environment

Any device that has the capacity to convert heat energy generally from fuel into mechanical energy is known as engine or heat engine. Engines are widely used in automobile industries. Engine is also called the heart of an automobile.  Engine is classified into two types:
1. External combustion (E.C.) Engine
it is a type of engine in which combustion of fuel takes place outside  the cylinder . In this type of engine when heat is generated by burning of fuel is used to convert the water or other  fluid into steam. Sometimes this high pressure steam used to rotate a turbine and generated energy. 
It is a type of engine in which combustion of fuel take place inside the engine. When the fuel is  burnt inside the engine cylinder, it generates a high temperature and pressure inside the engine hence driving it to produce power  which is used to rotate the wheels of vehicle. 
Track 12: Aerodynamics

Aerodynamics is the way air moves around different .Aerodynamics explain how an airplane is able to fly at such height without any external support . Anything that moves around air falls under the concept of aerodynamics.for instance -when a rocket blasts off the launch pad or a kite moves around in the sky . Aerodynamics also covers the area on cars.Aerodynamics also contains projectile motion features, Aero warming, Aero-motor combustors and Aeroversatile displaying.
Aerodynamics is the science of moving air around the solid bodies. Aerodynamics almost follows the equations of fluid mechanics equations like turbulence, boundary layer theory, and ideal gas assumption etc.
Aerodynamics provides the study of  behaviour of aircraft along with the knowledge of flow control.

|Aerodynamics Conference|Gas Dynamics Conference|Drag Conference|Design Conference|Conservation of Energy conference|Rocket conference|Supersonic Conference|

Robotics may be a branch of engineering and science that may be the technology of the future. Artifitial Inteligence deals with the planning, construction, operation and use of robots mechanical tools still as laptop systems for the management, sensory feedback, and knowledge process.Robotics is  the science of building devices that physically interact to the surrondings. the foremost helpful robots have it away exactly, powerfully, repeatedly, tirelessly, fast, or some mixtures of those. The foremost fascinating robots perhaps even have the intelligence beyond imagination. This conference can cowl the basics of AI, that specialize in the tngible and intangible concepts of robotics.
Automation is known as the technology by which a method or procedure is performed without any human effort. By the help of automation it is now more easier to make  use of various management systems for operating instruments like heavy machines in, boilers , heat treating ovens, stabilization of ships,  factories, craft and for different applications and vehicles with minimal or reduced human intervention.

Materials processing is simply defined as  “unit operations” used in the manufacturing  of raw-materials and completing them into finished goods. The operations is performed in industries and the industrial processes with the use of various mechanical or chemical procedures,with a view to  produce  products in large quantities or batches. It is the process that  changes  a crude material state into completed parts or items with the help of some mechanical or chemical equipment. It includes  nano mechanics along with multi-physical science, Synthesis, material portrayal,  Nano-material preparing .Various other processes like material handling and properties, Material stream and ignition are also focussed.
Materials processing nowadays has become materials cycle. There are many ways to process materials. . Some of them are:
Powder Processing (metals and ceramics in powder form)
Bulk Deformation Processing (metals in bulk or sheet form)
Casting (liquid metals and semisolids polymers)
Track 15: Hydrodynamics

Hydrodynamics is a division of mechanical engineering which deals with force acting on the fluids . It is also a branch of physics , ralted with motion and action of water and other liquids dynamics of liquids . It is simply related with the mechanical properties of fluids. It is the sub division of fluid dynamics that deals with liquids, including hydrostatics and hydro kinetics. It is the study of the motion of fluids,including  non-compressible liquids exposed to  internal and external forces.Hydrodynamics is the study of  materials where the materials are compressed and they undergo pressurized conditions causing them to behave more like liquids. The word hydrodynamics means  "water motion" which means  the science of forces acting on or exerted by fluids.
The study involves the movement in fluids hence called Hydrodynamics. Moving fluids can be water in a drinking fountain,  or air over an airplane’s wing ,crude oil in a pipeline etc
This topic describes the  basic principles of physics,  several levels of mathematics and statistical mechanics. Calculus,  and linear algebra (matrix and tensor mathematics) along with differential equations are thekey topics in maths.
Advanced fluid dynamics studies non-linear flow. These are more areas that is complex. Higher order differential equations, topologies , Chaos theory and  complex algebras are the backbone of hydrodynamics.
Track 16: Power And Energy

Energy is “the capacity to do work”.In this universe there are many forms of energy , and by that  energy we can do different things. Energy can be found in many things, and takes many forms. There kind of energy for moving objects is called kinetic energy .Potential energy is defined as the  energy that  is stored in a object when the body is in rest . We use energy to do work and make all movements. When we eat food our bodies converts  the food into energy so as to do work. When we run or walk , we ‘burn’ energy in our bodies in he form calories. Vehicles also transform energy into work. Work means to move or force applied to cause a displacement. There are different kinds of  sources of energy that runs the various machines in the industries. Sun is the primary source of energy. every element store some energy, but much is lost along the way in the form of heat into the environment.
Much like energy, the word power is something we hear a lot. In everyday life it has a wide range of meanings. In the field of physics , it has a very definite meaning. "It is the rate at which work is done" or similarly, at which energy is transferred.The unit used to measure power is the watt which has the symbol W. The unit is named after James Watt. You have probably come across the word watt often in electrical appliances and electronic devices  . The output of electrical components like  light bulbs or stereos is typically expressed in watts.

New technologies in vehicles is a fast growing market where  Mechanics in cars, Air vehicle frameworks and advancements, Flight/Ground frameworks, mission arranging and operations and Dynamical investigation of vehicle frameworks are incorporated. Having technologies and utilities like  sensors,machine learning , Internet of Things , big data analytics and artificial intelligence is changing  the vehicular industry. The  market for connected cars composed of   technologies like sensors, internet-connected devices GPS is on a revolutionary phase . Lets say Clarion, a leading brand in vehicle information solutions, is converging with other Hitachi companies for working on the concept of  vision-based advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies. In addition to ADAS products and technologies, Clarion also provides a wide array of other automotive electronic and telematics control systems.

Aerospace technology is a type of tree in terms of its applications.The branches  of this tree spreads across every aspect of the subject. It almost covers the entire aerospace engineering department. Roles in the field of satellite communication is untouchable. Some of the key topics related to this field are remote sensing, navigaion, satellite communication, astrobilogy etc.
Remote sensing is the process of detecting and monitoring the parameters of an area by measuring the radiations emmited to the subjected area , there are camera that  collect remotely sensed images of subjected area and the study is done on the basis of it, which help researchers "sense" things about the Earth.

Satellite communications illustrates the use of satellite  in the field of wireless communications. The services provided by satellite communications covers voice and video transmissions , internet, fax, tv and radio channels.
Satellite communications  offers communication which is able to perform transmission to long distances and may operate beneath circumstances  that at times it would be inoperable for different styles of communication.Satellites employed in satellite communications  sometimes be considered as  geosynchronous orbit. A number of them square measure placed in extremely elliptical orbits.Satellite communications will offer world convenience. 
One of the most blessings provided by satellite communication is that the superior dependableness not like different styles of communication. It doesn't want terrestrial infrastructure for operation but earth stations are also an important aspect of this kind of communication.

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London is the capital city of United Kingdom, stands on the River Thames and it is located in southeast of the island of Great Britain. London covers an area of 1579 square kilometres and according to 2017 statistics; Greater London’s population was estimated to be 9.26 million.London is a prominent global city excelling in the fields of arts, education, commerce, fashion, entertainment, finance, media, healthcare, research and development, professional Services tourism, and transportation. As London is the world’s largest financial centre, serves as an attractive destination for international investors and businessmen.

European Congress & Business Expo on Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
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